2020- A Perspective Paradox

A paralyzed world;Cast by an eternal gloom of sickness, death, and disease;With a racist generation spread across seas;But a mental health, no longer preserved. Well, I’d say you got that right. 2020, summed up, pretty much. The year that seemed like the golden jubilee of our lives, didn’t turn out that amazing did it?What with … Continue reading 2020- A Perspective Paradox

Society As We Know It

Isn’t it truly fascinating how we’re controlled tremendously, knowing orunknowingly, by the idea of ‘what others think?’ Somehow, this so-called image of ‘society’ that exists naturally or as a figment of imagination in our own heads holds the reins to our thoughts and actions. Why? Have we failed to escape from thewhims of society’s impervious … Continue reading Society As We Know It

The Unexpected

“Expectation is the root of all heartache”, Shakespeare once said. That being expressed, its supposedly natural to expect of someone right? Obviously, whether it's unconditional love from our parents, acceptance and inclination from the besties orsimply showering attention from someone special. That feeling we all have of hoping someone will live up to the picture … Continue reading The Unexpected