The Best Teachers

When was the last time you made a mistake that changed your life? Obviously, you’re thinking of a “mistake” as probably an incorrect decision, a wrong choice, or maybe even an imposing action that you’re currently overanalyzing the after-effects of. If you’re wondering how it had the power to create a positive ripple effect in your life, let me tell you one thing, we underestimate our faux pas way too much. Well, here’s the reason why, we’re obsessed with being RIGHT. However, if you may perceive different ideas, here’s a success story that is sure to turn heads. In the 1900’s, lived a young boy who believed his dreams could fruit into reality. Belonging to a poor family of five children, growing up was indeed a struggle. In order to make ends meet, he would deliver 1300 newspapers everyday. An avid art fan and enthusiast, his love for drawing and cartooning blossomed when the small-town life of Missouri impacted him to indulge into his imagination. Finally, at the age of 18, he pursued his chance working as a newspaper artist and started his own animation company. However, he FAILED miserably and despite all efforts, wasn’t successful in the sale of even a single cartoon. Eventually, he was fired for lacking “imagination” and having no “original ideas”. Not discouraged yet, he opened two businesses one after another only to fail consecutively again. However, he remained headstrong and continued to believe in his dream implicitly and unquestionably. After being rejected again and again, his willingness to persist never died down. Inspite of baring losses, facing charges and plagiarism of original content, the spark remained alive. Then finally, magic struck, and the world was blessed with Mickey Mouse, a larger than life, optimistic, and adventurous character just like himself. I’m sure you’ve guessed, this boy is none other than Walt Disney, the man who gave us all a childhood to remember, and taught us the power of believing in magic. His life shows no traces of dumb luck and free passes rather a gradual journey from a paperboy to a humble, renowned film producer.In truth, the insanity to be RIGHT and the fear of being wrong, holds us back, limiting us from going out in to the world and giving life a shot. It is failure we fear, mistakes we dodge, and opportunities we miss. In my perception, when we restrict ourselves to the idea of being “right” we cut our opportunities as well as our intelligence into half. So, today, take a minute to realize that mistakes don’t degrade you but actually define you. They’re proof you’re actually working to be the best version of yourself. They turn you into something better than you were before. Don’t be afraid of them because a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Indeed, mistakes are the best teachers you’ll ever find. However when you make the same mistake twice, it’s a choice. 

-Reva Agarwal

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