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Maybe, maybe?

Just like any other day, I sit here today, me and my thoughts, in a world of our own. It’s a regular Thursday, nothing out of the ordinary, but there’s something that’s different. Maybe it’s a result of my loud, emotive surroundings or maybe it’s
the aspiring girl in me talking. But today, I wonder, I wonder how time changes the best of people. I wonder how things turn out the way you least expect them to and I wonder, I really do, if nothing lasts forever, how long is forever? I mean, it’s funny how a sudden glance at a picture one year down the line, feels like yesterday and yet the very people in those pictures are merely memories today.
It’s unfathomable how the few people who once seemed to know you better than yourself, can’t walk past you without stifling a forced smile today. Maybe it’s me, but watching people unfold into strangers hurts damn hard but remembering who they used to be is a stinging, paining truth. Tell me that’s not true, but take a minute, stop for a moment and recall those vivid memories that burst alive when
you think of them, the people you thought you knew. Remember those long, endearing phone calls that kept you awake half the night and those road trips that became jamming sessions? Call it what you want, but the wishful thinker in me wishes things could go back to how they were. But yet, maybe its better now,
better now that the masks have fallen off. Or am I prisoner of the past?Reality got me thinking that maybe, it’s we who’ve changed, we who’ve altered our perspective, changed our lens, and evolved into individuals of the future. Is it that we’ve left our old selves in the past, or is the past a hallmark of the people we are?I wait, but maybe these questions have no answers, or maybe the light at the end of the tunnel is not far.

-Reva Agarwal


5 thoughts on “Maybe, maybe?

  1. You have Beautifully expressed thepain of growing up. What ever life has in store, face it with courage and trust me you will see the sunshine. Be the lioness,i know, you are.

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  2. I am amazed at how beautifully and articulately you’ve penned your thoughts. All of us, at some point, have experienced this feeling. Very relatable.


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