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Future State of Mind

Well, well, that gut-wrenching, intimidating feeling is back again. Hello to you too, but this one’s clearly gotten the better out of me. Here it is, the big fat question mark haunting my dreams, the constant nagger wishing I had it all together in place, and the idea I just can’t seem to get around, the future. What does the future hold in store for me? Am I capable of choosing my own? What’s with it deciding who am I to be? Yet again, the uncertainty strikes. The cloud of the ‘future me’ has permanently found itself hovering around my head. With so much being said and done nowadays, it makes me wonder, and really scrutinize my abilities as an individual today. I mean, who isn’t confused anymore? But what’s the deal about running the rat race and following the herd? Where’s all that fiery passion and ignition gone? Those challenging goals etched in ink that seemed to fulfill our life’s purpose? So much with times changing, the idea of evolving into someone strong and independent tears at me. I wonder, I really do, how must I create the causes today, that will manifest the results tomorrow? The hustle, the process of getting there gives me the chills. Will I ever be ready? But then again, maybe starting today is the answer. One thing’s for sure, things are never going to stop changing, but someday things will start looking brighter than they are today. Maybe the only real way of facing the future is preparing for it. 


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