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Another hour. Another day passes before my eyes. Time slowly but steadily slips away, in its glory of abundance. It’s been more than two weeks now. The entire world has come to a standstill, plagued by the coronavirus pandemic. Everything we used to count on for our temporary happiness has been subdued, fading away into the dark empty zone that our world has become. It makes me wonder whether nature really has its way of recovering or is it simply a sign from the universe asking us to slow down sincerely? Whichever it is, it’s caught us all off-guard, vulnerable to what the future holds in store for us. Markets have crashed. Thriving economies have fallen. The roads are empty, lifeless rather. People are locked indoors plotting ways to escape. Essential supplies have run out of stock. In short, the world is dying. What good can ever come out of this situation? It seems like a final dead end. But, maybe we haven’t really spotted the silver lining yet. What about that so-called break that we needed, or those long hours of self-care and indulgence? Time is with us, but somehow this excess seems overwhelming. The quality family time and bonding has stood the test of time. Maybe that’s what really really counts. The ‘permanents’ have withstood with us, fighting each day to overcome this deadly disease. However, all said and done, the situation has hit the notes in terms of how much of our normal lives we took for granted. School that was once long and boring, is definitely the first place I want to go back to, just to experience it all again. Isn’t it truly amazing how you begin to realize the importance of the small things that made you happy, and somehow were the little things your life revolved around? Hits hard, doesn’t it? The internet, the only thread to communication doesn’t seem just enough anymore. Slowly, I’m beginning to understand the essence of intimacy and human-to-human contact, suddenly more important than ever. Gratitude that gradually finds its place in our hearts, wells up a remote thankfulness for a roof over our heads and moreover food and a family to get through with. After all, safety comes first. Safety for oneself and one’s loved ones. Hope this finds you in the best of your health, with the belief to overcome everything still alive.  


19 thoughts on “Quaran-fine?

  1. Reva, you never fail to impress me!! Really proud of you. Keep it up and awaiting your next post asap.🤗🤗
    All the best!!


  2. I have not forgotten about your request, so here I am, carefully absorbing your thoughts. This is a well-written post which causes one to assess our situation more positively. Sure we all are stressed out about what the future holds but there are many great things which has come of this. I’ve always been a person who placed a great deal of importance on family & spending time with the them. It’s great to connect with them without the stress that comes with regular work life. Keep up the good work with your blog. I will be following your future posts 🙂✌

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  3. This is one of the best thing I’ve read on the internet toady. The way you’ve expressed your ideas was simply amazing.
    Its really shocking to believe that its been 6 months since the inception of this pandemic. Hope we all come out of this soon.
    I too have tried writing something similar to this, it might not be as good as yours, but I would really feel happy if you take a look at it.


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