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Society As We Know It

Isn’t it truly fascinating how we’re controlled tremendously, knowing or
unknowingly, by the idea of ‘what others think?’ Somehow, this so-called image of ‘society’ that exists naturally or as a figment of imagination in our own heads holds the reins to our thoughts and actions. Why? Have we failed to escape from the
whims of society’s impervious double standards or are we subject to the dictates of our wavering minds? Whichever it is, we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay in a world we call SOCIETY.

Critics without credentials,
Somehow controlling the minds of millions today
Barring the unconventional
Leading folks from their will, astray

Who are they?
Pride in their eyes, deceit in their name
The art of pretense, no fool’s play
A dig at one’s identity, just another game

Is it me, is it them?
Labeling my fears, admonishing my insecurities
Plaguing my thoughts, a grand mayhem,
By just another one of their crippling austerities

Trapped in a world
Where difference is a rebellious act
But uncalled for opinions are hurled
Ignoring simply the rousing impact

Slowly sinking
Drowning deep in a pool of my anxieties,
I realize that this is just the beginning
You heard me right, this is society.

-Reva Agarwal


11 thoughts on “Society As We Know It

  1. Well said, thoroughly written and great lessons to learn. Our society is full of double standards, indeed. But some exist to help us understand certain things better and deal with them

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