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The Evil Twin

The evil twin’s back again. One look in the mirror and it’s sitting right there. Head in your hand, hand in your hair. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed it, because damn right you have, that sniveling presence of yourself conjured up in your head. The nasty beast waiting to highlight your every flaw, the unforgiving character dulling your every awe, the unwanted demon suppressing your voice, because your weakness is indeed its rejoice. Heard that voice that screams inside your head? The echo that tells you, you aren’t enough, until you almost believe it? 

Don’t have the picture-perfect grades? Pray to god you’ll find a way through life.

 Another body that doesn’t fit the mould? Oh dear, you’re made for the hellhole.

 Don’t have the friends? Aren’t you mending the social trend?

Rejected from another university? What a pity!

An opinion that doesn’t match the rest? Wait till you’re put to test.

Been there, heard that, haven’t you? Well. Here’s the spoiler, or perhaps the game changer. You heard me right, the key to changing life. That voice is yours, mine, ours. Truth be told, it’s sitting there waiting to be tapped, and the minute it’s unleashed, the game is lost. The darkness we create in our lives stops us from seeing the light. Just because we can’t seem to trust ourselves, we doubt, criticize and blame every thing that defines us. Take a minute, would you ever tell someone you loved the things you told yourself? Of course you wouldn’t, but shouldn’t respecting ourselves be our first priority? Like it or not, at the end of the day, it’s not going to be us against the world, but the superficial walls we create in our own heads against our morality. Remember that even our worst enemies cannot harm us as much as our unguarded thoughts. 

-Reva Agarwal


9 thoughts on “The Evil Twin

  1. That was so true . The inner demons , that self loathing voice , stopping us in our tracks … pulling us back. If we can learn to love ourselves we can live than just passing life. Great post Reva

    Liked by 1 person

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