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Let’s Meet Again

To the one who lit up my life like the Sun;  The one who saw me fall and rise and run; I still remember how you fed me while I watched the stars.  The way you rocked me, watched me fall into your arms. To the one whose food felt like home, Love, magic, and…

The Truth About FOMO

It’s a regular Saturday night. You’re sitting on your phone, flicking through Instagram stories, waiting for life to pass by. The daily social media report tells you that parties around town, dinners at fancy five stars, and downtown shopping are the highlight of the hour. Thinking about it now, a double cheese pizza in bed…

Bittersweet Moments

To the school years that flew before our eyes,  How did things change so fast? How did eager-eyed toddlers with no care in the world become adolescents choosing their paths into adulthood? How do years of togetherness compare with photographs now? Ironic, isn’t it, how time escapes your hands and you’re left with decisions to…

The Evil Twin

The evil twin’s back again. One look in the mirror and it’s sitting right there. Head in your hand, hand in your hair. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed it, because damn right you have, that sniveling presence of yourself conjured up in your head. The nasty beast waiting to highlight your every flaw, the…


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Hi, I am Reva, a bibliophile and a writer with a love for travelling!

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