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2020- A Perspective Paradox

A paralyzed world;Cast by an eternal gloom of sickness, death, and disease;With a racist generation spread across seas;But a mental health, no longer preserved. Well, I’d say you got that right. 2020, summed up, pretty much. The year that seemed like the golden jubilee of our lives, didn’t turn out that amazing did it?What withContinue reading “2020- A Perspective Paradox”


The Best Teachers

When was the last time you made a mistake that changed your life? Obviously, you’re thinking of a “mistake” as probably an incorrect decision, a wrong choice, or maybe even an imposing action that you’re currently overanalyzing the after-effects of. If you’re wondering how it had the power to create a positive ripple effect inContinue reading “The Best Teachers”

FAT is Beautiful

Well, one wouldn’t judge a gripping, inducing book by a hard, paperback cover. But then the question remains. Why limit an individual’s rather an object’s worth by the appearance that appeals to the eyes? Why form opinions on a person’s character based on their body shape, curves or the flatness of their belly? There isContinue reading “FAT is Beautiful”