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The Truth About FOMO

It’s a regular Saturday night. You’re sitting on your phone, flicking through Instagram stories, waiting for life to pass by. The daily social media report tells you that parties around town, dinners at fancy five stars, and downtown shopping are the highlight of the hour. Thinking about it now, a double cheese pizza in bed with your favourite movie doesn’t sound that exciting, after all. What about all the opportunities you’re missing out on, as the world calls you to come seize the day? Aren’t you foregoing that massive, larger than life experience that can’t compare with where you are now? Well, truth be told, we’re all pretty well versed with this gnawing feeling we can’t seem to let go of, but one which magically drives us to do things we never really wanted to begin with. Ironic isn’t it, how this dubious fear of missing out controls us psychologically, physically and emotionally? That boring lunch we don’t have to go to but anyway land up for, just because we’re afraid everyone will have a good time without us? That insecure feeling that creeps in because somehow we aren’t living life to the fullest? Prime examples of our worst figments of imagination. This self invented torture we create for ourselves brings about a vicious cycle of missing out, because, whether we like it or not, we’re always taking decisions that have an opportunity cost. Having said this, wouldn’t life become easier if we began to base our emotions on the quality of our experiences rather than the ones that never happened after all? What if the questions of the number of parties we went to or the clothes we bought were replaced with whether our time spent was actually value creating? Point is, the weapon of fomo takes away more from us, than what it seems to give us, so maybe it’s time to evaluate the life that we’re truly missing out on. 

-Reva Agarwal


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